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How to order original Muumuu

how to order


(1) Please let us know the item number of the style of dress you like from the product category "Hula" ⇒ "Hula Dress".

(2) Please select your favorite color and pattern from the poly-cotton fabrics of "Hawaiian Fabrics". Some patterns may not be available for certain dresses, so we will make suggestions on a case-by-case basis.

 (3) After the style and fabric of the dress you want is decided, we will also decide the details of the dress such as length, ruffles, shoulder strap ribbons, etc., which can be customized according to your wishes.
(4) Decide on the size and number of dresses to be ordered. You can order from one dress.
(5) Confirm the price of the dress. Basically, the price of the dress includes the production cost and the cost of the fabric, so there is no additional cost. However, if there are options such as more ruffles, we will provide an estimate of the cost.

(6) Once everything has been decided, you will place a semi-custom order.

(7) After confirming the delivery date and other details, we will begin production. We will inform you of the details of the schedule in advance, such as the scheduled completion date.

(8) As soon as the product is completed, it will be shipped immediately.


 We cannot accept exchanges or returns of semi-customized dresses that have been customized to your own optional length, or dresses that have been customized outside of the standard length for bust, waist, etc.

How to Order Original Pa'u skirt

Pa'u order



(1) Select the fabric to be used for the single Pa'u Skirt from the "Hawaiian Fabrics" product category.

(2) Specify the number of elastic for the Pa'u Skirt. The basic shape is 4 elastic, but 3 or 1 elastic is also available.

(3) Specify the length of the Pa'u Skirt.

(4) Confirm the due date of the finished product and start production. The skirt will be shipped as soon as it is finished.



(1) Single Pa'u Skirt is $38 per piece including fabric and production costs.
Additional charges will apply if 100% Cotton or PALAKA fabric is used.

(2) We do not accept returns or exchanges of original Pa'u Skirts after delivery.