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Hawaiian dress buy & rent
Hawaiian Fashion LIILIILEA


  • Hawaii Wedding
  • Hawaiian Luau Party
  • Vacation to Hawaii
  • Hula dancer or ukulele band

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Rent Muumuu
Rental - Ruffle dress (Turquoise)


Rental Hawaiian Dress
Rental - Ruffle dress (Red)


Rental Hawaiian Aloha shirt
Rental - Aloha Shirt (Turquoise)



about us

Welcome to LIILIILEA official online shop.


 We started in 2010 in Honolulu. We sale of Hawaiian fashion, such as Aloha shirts and Muumuus. Currently, we are also planning and manufacturing our original products. You will be able to buy and rent Hawaii fashion!


 We value originality, and we mainly deal with rare products and originally planned and manufactured. Most of the fabrics are used only once, so there are many products that can only be made in limited quantities.


 Up to now, we have sent a total of 11,000 orders to all over Japan, U.S., Guam and Tahiti for Hula Halau, Hawaii wedding guests, trabelers and more.                       


for the earth

eco shopping
for the earth

 We recommend a custom ordering scheme that provides as much as you need without excess inventory to reduce any cost and offer you a little more affordable price.


 By choosing your favorite fabric and style and making only the required number of pieces, we will provide you with a unique item. We aim to reduce the excessive production and disposal of apparel promote eco-friendly shopping by doing so.


 We offer LIILIILEA original eco bags to all customers who order more than 100 dallers. Please use our eco bag for your shopping.

Happy shopping

happy life for you
Happy shopping, Happy life

1. Free shipping

Always free shipping in the U.S.


2. Free returns

  You can return if you don't like.


3. Tracking#

  We will let you know tracking number of your package.


4. Reserve

   If you need time to think, we will hold for you.


5. Customization

You can order original dresses or aloha shirts by your favorite fabric.