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 Q1. Which size should I choose?


A1.  Depending on the style of the dress, the size may be different even for the same size.  It is best to measure your body .



Q2. I have not received an email after placing an order.


A2.  Check your spam folder. You will receive an order confirmation email automatically within 24 hours of receiving your order.  If you do not receive the order confirmation email during that time, your order may not have been completed or the email may not be received properly. Please contact us from the inquiry form.




Q3. It says "Sold Out", but I want to know if it will be available.


A3. Many of our products are manufactured in limited quantities, but there are also products that will be re-produced if there is any dough. If you want to know the arrival schedule etc., please feel free to contact us by email.




Q4. I don't have a credit card. Can I order?


A4. Yes. Payment with PayPal is also possible.



Q5. An error message appears after entering credit card information.


A5. There is a possibility that there is a mistake in entering the card name, card number, expiration date, security code, etc. If the error is other than that, we will investigate the cause. If you know the error message or error number, please let us know.



 Q6.  Is there a point system?


A6. There is no point system.




 Q1. How long does it take for delivery?


A1. On average, it will arrive around 7 business days later.




Q2. I'm going to Hawaii next week. I need a Hawaiian dress in a hurry, so I would like to receive it locally.


A2. I'm sorry. We currently do not provide local delivery services.




Q3. Can you ship it to my office?


A3. I'm sorry. Delivery to home only.